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apparel decoration

Sipling offers several customizable services to create the project of your dreams; Whether for the transfer of Rhinestone for cheerleading clothes, for sports embroidery, for the transfer of crests or for the making of corporate items, tell us what you want and we’ll do it for you!

Rhinestone Transfer

Since 2011, Sipling uses high-end equipment to work with crystal, semi-precious stones or rhinestones. Our rhinestone transfer machine allows us to print, your stones on fabric. The rhinestones are embedded in the fabric to form the design of your choice and create a unique style. We’re able to reproduce virtually all your designs and create the pattern you want.

In order to have a good idea of ​the work we do, we invite you to visit our brand new showroom. You will be able to see, touch and admire the work our team has done over the years in rhinestones transfer. It's the perfect choice for cheerleading, gymnastics, dance!


Sports embroidery:
We offer all types of sports teams the opportunity to represent their team through our sports embroidery service. We work by combining fabric and embroidery to create the design you want. The fabrics are laser cut for maximum precision, then applied to the garment of your choice and embroidered afterwards.

Embroidery service only available on store clothing

Specialized embroidery stage / decor costume (circus, art, uniform):
Our embroidery service is perfectly customized to your needs. We are therefore able to offer you an embroidery service specialized in stage and uniform costumes; for circus costumes, for theater costumes. Whatever your need, we will know how to adapt and deliver the product of your dreams.